Miami-Dade County Phase 1 Reopening Rules

The Miami-Dade County Executive Order, effective yesterday, with the rules regarding the partial reopening of business’s in the county is attached.  It can also be found here:

There is no specific mention of construction in the order, which establishes rules for opening in the county, however, in Section 1, the rules are for “and any other establishment or facility”.   It does appear that the rules are more stringent than remaining open as an essential business.  For example, Section 2:

As a condition of opening, all establishments shall, as set forth in the Handbook:

  1. post CDC signage in public locations emphasizing measures to “Stop the Spread” and to exercise social responsibility;
  2. train all personnel in new operating protocols and modifications to existing codes of conduct to deal with COVID-19 issues;
  3. reduce seating in breakrooms and common areas to ensure a minimum physical distance of six feet between people, and where possible, establish a single point of entrance;
  4. post a contact email address, telephone number or both for employees and customers to raise questions or concerns;
  5. if faced with infection from on-site personnel, immediately report the number of infected persons, time of infection, and proposed remediation plan to the Florida Department of Health, as more further specified in Exhibit A;
  6. enhance sanitization of all common areas and frequent touch points;
  7. place trash containers for facial coverings and other personal protective equipment (“PPE”) near exits, entrances and other common areas;
  8. comprehensively clean establishments each night, including thoroughly disinfecting all frequent touch points and emptying all trash receptacles using solid waste bags that are double-bagged and securely sealed;
  9. install hand sanitizer at entry points and throughout the property;
  10. use reasonable efforts to ensure that on-site customers, employees, contractors, and vendors maintain appropriate social distancing, as recommended by the then-current CDC guidelines, which may include, but are not limited to, marking floors at appropriate intervals or providing other visible systems to identify the appropriate social distance; and
  11. comply with any restrictions or requirements imposed pursuant to any Executive Order issued by the Governor, including, but not limited to, building capacity restrictions.

Section 5 details what happens if someone tests positive:

Any establishment that has an on-site employee or contractor who tests positive shall close for the shorter of:

  1. the time needed for all staff to be tested and the establishment to be deep-sanitized, as specified in the Handbook; or
  2. 14 days from the date such employee or contractor was last onsite at such establishment.

Where an establishment has multiple floors or structures, only those structures or floors where the infected person was present are required to be deep-sanitized as a condition of re-opening, and only those employees working in such structures or on such floors must be tested.

Section 6 gives exemptions to mandatory face masks:

All persons working in or visiting an establishment, including but not limited to airports, seaports, and mass transit facilities and vehicles, shall wear a facial covering as described in Emergency Order 20-20, except that facial coverings shall not be required:

  1. for children under the age of two years;
  2. for persons who have trouble breathing;
  3. where Federal or state safety or health regulations prohibit the wearing of facial coverings; or
  4. for persons engaged in strenuous physical activity.

Additionally, Municipalities may still adopt more stringent rules.  The Executive Order refers to a handbook “Moving To a New Normal”.  Which is also attached but can be found at this link:

It is 175 pages, it does not mention specific rules for construction sites.


Miami Executive Order May 18

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