Award Winning Services

Safety & Risk Solutions is proud to have assisted our clients in attaining the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award.

  1. Florida Lemark was given the award for the George E. Merrick Parking Garage on July 27, 2016. The garage, located on the University of Miami campus, is a large 5 story precast structure.
  2. KVC Constructors was recognized on June 27, 2017 for the Aventura Medical Center project. This project is a 12 story structure with the first 7 stories as parking decks and the final 5 stories as a medical facility.
  3. KVC Constructors was also recognized on June 27, 2017 for their Museum Garage in the Design District of Miami. This project is a 7 story parking garage, including 1 parking level in the basement.

What is the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award?

The Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award is awarded to projects by the USF Safety Florida Consultation Service, an outreach center of OSHA. This award represents a participating company’s commitment to safety.

To qualify, the construction company should have no willful, repeat or willful-repeat citations within 24 months of the consultation and no serious citations related to injury or exposure within 12 months of the consultation. A comprehensive inspection of the site and safety documents is conducted and workers are interviewed to assess their safety knowledge. The on-site evaluation process reviews:

  • Administration and oversight of safety management programs
  • Safety and health management practices
  • Safety training and instruction
  • Employee safety rules
  • Internal safety inspection routines for new and existing substances, processes and equipment

If the evaluation determines there is an outstanding safety program, the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award is presented. This is a prestigious and much sought after recognition.