We are a full service provider of professional safety services customized to meet our client needs.


Prevent unnecessary accidents with professional safety inspections.


Minimize risk with training from our OSHA Authorized Trainers.


If you need construction safety experts on-site, our manager team can help.

What We Do.

What We Do.

Safety & Risk Solutions offers clients a diverse and unequalled background in safe business practices and safety regulations, including OSHA 1910 and OSHA 1926.

We promote a proactive approach to safety and accident prevention, supporting the formula that sound and proven safety management will improve profits by increased productivity, reduce insurance premiums, decrease litigation costs and protect the brand name image of our clients.

Safety & Risk Solutions is committed to assist every client to meet or exceed their safety goals and meet all OSHA training requirements and regulations. Through our observations during an onsite safety inspection, review of documentations and extensive experience, we offer professional recommendations to create a safer and more efficient environment in your workplace.