Coronavirus, OSHA, and You (Correction)

The correct World Health Organization website is . It has some great information, including how to correctly make your own hand sanitizer.  The most popular recipe using vodka is useless because of the low alcohol content and makes a foul tasting cocktail.

The previous email tried to explain the OSHA stance on the criteria of recording the virus as a work related illness.  OSHA revised their guidance on March 13 which states that  COVID-19 can be a recordable illness to only medically confirmed cases of COVID-19 that fall within a narrowed field of incidents that employers could then presume occurred on the jobsite.  The onus remains on the employer to conduct an assessment of the employee’s work duties and work environment prior to making a decision to record the case.  If there is no evidence that the employee contracted the virus in the workplace, it is not a recordable illness.

As usual, OSHA made this all clear as mud.  Personally, with it being predicted that 75% of the population will have the virus, I can’t see how the only transmission of the virus would be from the employer.