A Call For Trainers!

The 2020 South Florida AGC Safety Fair is scheduled for February 22, 2020 at the Sheridan Technical College in Hollywood, Florida and we need your help. This has been an annual  program and in March 2019 we were able to provide free construction safety training, awarding almost 400 safety training certificates.  Training sessions were conducted in both English and Spanish resulting in safer construction sites throughout South Florida.

Our audience has typically been the hourly labor workforce from smaller General Contractors and Trade Contractors who do not have a full time Safety Department. There will be morning and afternoon sessions, 3-4 hours each.  Thank you to those who have stepped up and volunteered, but we still need instructors (English and Spanish speaking) who can provide training and fill in our empty slots:

We need multiple instructors for each class because once one classroom is filled, we will open another.  No worker will be turned away.  If you aren’t an instructor we still need:

  1. Registration desk assistance
  2. Runners & Guides

If you volunteer as an instructor we have set the following guidelines:

  1. You are qualified to teach the session you requested
  2. You show up a minimum 30 minutes prior to the morning class start time (8:00am)
  3. You are able to teach the morning (8:00am – noon) and afternoon (1:00pm – 5:00pm) sessions
  4. You provide your own training program
  5. Earned certificates will be given at the end of each session under the South Florida AGC logo with your signature.  If you wish to use your own certificate of training, you must provide them and distribute to the students at the end of each session.  Workers who successfully complete the training must walk away with a certificate of training.

This is a free event with sponsors paying for breakfast, lunch and the training! No one will profit from this, other than the students who receive the training.   This is an awarding safety fair will utilize your talent as a safety professional and is a way to give thanks to the industry we serve.  Who knows how many injuries we have prevented and lives we have saved because of the generosity of the safety expertise of our volunteers.

If you would like to participate in this endeavor, please contact Phil at (561) 252-4397 or pnanna@safetyandrisksolutions  and let me know what training and language you would be willing to teach, or simply volunteer to help us.

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