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Here at Safety & Risk Solutions, our mission is to efficiently and effectively provide our clients of all industries and all sizes with a safety culture that will identify and manage  risk through recognition, evaluation, and education.

We are a full service provider of professional safety services,
which are customized to our client needs.

We will endeavor to assist our clients to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimize related risks by proactively identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, developing custom written safety programs designed to protect our clients and reduce accident rates and insurance premiums, analyzing safety and risk history, and providing training and education.

Safety & Risk Solutions offer clients a diverse and unequalled background in safe business practices and safety and risk regulation, including OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926 and EM-385.

Safety & Risk Solutions promotes a proactive approach to safety and accident prevention, supporting the formula that sound and proven safety management will improve profits by increased productivity and through the reduction of losses, the decrease in insurance premiums, the decrease in litigation costs and the protective of the client brand name image.

Safety and Risk Solutions

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